Sunday, January 9, 2011

Selling is a lot like fishing

You can not expect that just putting a hook in nearby water is enough to be actuall successful in fishing. You have to learn about the habbits, preferences and behaviors of the specific fish you want to catch. Your fish may not ever come to the place where your hook is, even if you cast your lure frequently. You first need to see where your fish swim while looking for a food. Off course an un-baited hook would not do the trick. You have to have the right bait the specific fish is looking for at that time. And that depends on the season, weather conditions and other environmental factors. The influence of environmental factors on fish behavior can change over the time.

When you are in the right place at the right time, you can expect moderate success. Your cat will be happy all the time and maybe even your wife who is wating for fresh fish for dinner that you promised. However, it might not be enough to brag about your success and offer dinner to your neighbours.

The  fish is not checking only in the place your hook is, so you need to attract the fish to investigate your location often and even to gather at the time you are fishing. You need to use a proper lure frequently enough at the time you are fishing. In some cases it is even possible to have your lure at the place days in advance, which would attract fish to gather regularly at "your" place.

The thicknes of the line, the size and shape of the hook, the fishing rod and the rest of the fishing equipment will greatly influence you success. Without the proper equipment, most of the fish might escape or might not even bite at all.


This is complete text that appears in flash animation on Argo Team web site. This is the story I told the owner of Blue Rabbit s.r.o. to persuade him to try data driven marketing campaigns in order to increase sales from their customers with discount cards.


Blog post from Mirko Marović in English.

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